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Vote for Change
President Obama Today Protect This Election

No smears lies rumors

2008 Presidential
General Election and other Important Dates

November 4, 2008 -- Barack Obama Elected President Of The United States.

January 20, 2009 -- Inauguration Day for Barack Obama, President-Elect of the United States.

Listen to "ELECT OBAMA (remix)" here

I made "Elect Obama" in support of Barack because I wholeheartedly feel he has the best chance to make a difference for our country.

Besides donating, I wanted to use my talent to help motivate people to register to vote, and "Elect Obama".

I want to show the world that young people care about their future and will do whatever it takes to make our future better.

I also made it with the hopes that the lyrics will enlighten un-decided voters into making the right "Elect Obama".
Big Hit Buda

Some of the "Elect Obama" singers throwing up the O's for Obama !

Things you can do
  • Register to vote, if you already haven't.
  • Know your polling place, election/caucus date and voting hours.
  • Know who to contact to report voting irregularaties(bring a cellphone with a camera to document them).
  • Donate to Barack's campaign.
  • Encourage friends and family members to vote.
  • Familiarize yourself with absentee voting procedures if you may be away from home on election day.
  • Vote on election/caucus day.
Things not to do:
  • Don't wait until the last minute

 "Your vote is your voice
...So put it to use"
~ Big Hit Buda
    The Obama campaign
    launchs a new one-stop voter
    registration website called
    Vote for Change

Vote For Change
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Lyrics for original version, "Elect Obama"


© 2007 Big Hit Buda


Uhh…Yeah…America….It’s That Time, The most important election in U.S. history is here. If you’re not registered to vote….It’s a MUST you register n be heard… Now….If you already are…n wanna make this place a better world… YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO


Stand-Up.....If You Tired of Lies…..n Want the Truth Stand-Up….If You Want…. To Bring Home the Troops Stand-Up….For Someone….Who Will Fight for Our Youth Your Vote is Your Voice…..So Put it to Use If You Tired of All the Drama……. “ELECT OBAMA” Tired of Wastin Tax Dollars……….“ELECT OBAMA” If You Can’t Take it Any Longer….“ELECT OBAMA” You Vote for Hope…..When You….“ELECT OBAMA”

Verse 1

Your Vote is Your Voice….So Put it To Use Look What Happened Last Time Voices Stayed Mute We Let Bush Steal the Presidency -Go to War Over Make Believe WMD’s Now Families Will Forever Mourn Their Loved Ones Just Like Bush Will Forever Request More War Funds His Daughter or Son Doesn’t Have to Fight in Iraq -He Don’t Have to Tell Parents Their Kid Ain’t Comin Back So Let’s Get Somebody…Who Acts Based on Facts Somebody Who Don’t Care if You White or Black Cuz He’s Both…He’s You and Me -Represents Everybody in Society But It’s Not Black or White….It’s About the Stars n Stripes “The Audacity of Hope”….n The Power to Fight Let’s Clean Up This 8 Year Pile of Tricks Politics -We Need a New Government to Come in to Washington Hook:

Verse 2

Let’s Turn the Page…Don’t Be Afraid of Change The Only Thing Permanent in This World is Change Some People Complain About His Young Age -What About When They Elected J-F-K ??? Lack of Experience…I Ain’t Trying to Hear He’s Improved Communities Year After Year He’s Ready…Why Wait??? OBAMA in 0-8 -We Got a Date With Fate…n Can’t be Late Let’s Come Together…It’s Now or Never Do This For Your Kids….Make Their World Better People Lost Life For This Right, We Owe Those Who Paved the Way -Gotta Fight With All Our Might…It’s a Power Thing Takes COURAGE …to Hope COURAGE…………to Vote COURAGE to Stand-Up When Others Don’t or Won’t Takes COURAGE to Dream…COURAGE to Believe -Now Do You Got That Courage ??? Cuz I Know It’s in Me!!! Hook:

Verse 3

I’m Just Like You…I’m Eager For a New Leader America is Hurtin….n OBAMA’s Our Healer I Want Somebody Who Cares About Every Community -So It’s Up to ME…..To Take RE-SPONSI-BIL-ITY The World Will Never Hear Me…If I Don’t Open My Mouth So I’m a Do My Part…. “Cause Every Vote Counts” n I’m Votin For a Voice for The Voiceless -Hope For the Hopeless…a Choice For the Choice Less Let’s Open Dialogue…Instead of Droppin All These Bombs Give Peace a Chance…So Precious Lives aren’t Lost Try and Eliminate the Hate For the United States… -I’m Sick of Seeing Our Flag Burned All Across the World The Time is “NOW” …The Answer is “YOU” Trust Me…..the Difference You Can Make is HUGE… So Let’s Go to the Polls…n Cast Our Vote…. or Have to Suffer Four More Years If We Don’t!!!!!!! Hook:


Yeah…This message is brought to you by Big Hit Buda To all the young people….it’s up to us to take control of our future… In this election….we’re gonna be the difference makers… So hit up Rock the Vote dot com, fill out your info n get ya paperwork in Now, you have to be registered 30 days before you can vote in your primary Time is Tickin…so hit up Rock the Vote dot com right now… Then hit the polls n say: “I’m a I’m a Elect Obama” “I’m a I’m a Elect Obama” “I’m a I’m a Elect Obama”….. OBAMA in 0-8 (0-8..0-8)… OBAMA in 0-8 (0-8..0-8) OBAMA in 0-8 (0-8..0-8)… OBAMA in 0-8 (0-8..0-8)

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